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I use both film and digital formats. 

The focus is on the art side of photography. The whole image has to have the right feel. It has to have different facets that will tell different stories depending on where you look and what you see.


Limited Edition : 8

With the Invoke and Momentum series, I attempt to capture and create moving patterns out of the vibrant interaction between light, water and nature, in black and white. Creating a sense movement out of a still image. Vibrancy within calmness. 

“SoonHoe had an exhibition at my gallery, a specialist photographic gallery showcasing artists whose images are predominately produced in camera. These photographic artists use techniques created by the masters and fine tune the craft to bring innovative imagery to the art world. SoonHoe’s black and white images do not disappoint. Bringing exotic moving images to the audience, his artwork is extremely strong and portrays a subject that is vulnerable and fragile. The images are creative and well thought out . They take us on a journey to the natural environment and allows us to experience its inherent sensitivities. I cannot say enough about the work."

Phill Virgo, July 2015
Director, Colour Factory Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

"Momentum received many favourable comments. Viewers were surprised at the accomplished level of technique displayed, as well as the unexpected polish and confidence for an exhibition debuting in the festival. The guests of honour complimented that the images of shoals of fish looked more like paintings than photography. SoonHoe takes his chosen profession very seriously and this is reflected in the high quality of art which was produced for Momentum"

Sunita Rajakumar, November 2015. Festival Director, Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2015.

Specialist archival framing courtesy of PINKGUY Malaysia. Available in Malaysia


Limited Edition : 4

Labyrinth features interaction between trees in a forest. Slowly treading through the Dandenong Ranges National Park in Australia, I seek these patterns and visually compose them in this series. In some areas, the trees seem to stand and grow in some form of agreement over time and space. Labyrinth, featured in black and white and colour formats, is about natural patterns of a seemingly random ecosystem. Patterns that are often lost to the itinerant eye.

Forest Unmasked

Limited Edition : 2

In a forest, I am enthralled by the multitude of sounds and complexity of the landscape. 

In this series, I attempt to strip away the obvious structures of a forest, striving for its emotional essence thus creating images that would articulate how I feel whilst standing amongst the trees.


Limited Edition : 6

Flinders Ranges, South Australia. The magic speaks for itself. My work is but a conduit through which the magic will hopefully mesmerise you too.

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