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"Ramble" Edition 2 of 2

$1100.00 AUD

"Ramble" - Are you attuned to the forest as you trek in it? Are you conscious of the sounds, the sights, the life that share the vast expanse yet congested space with you? Your senses would conduct a rambling conversation. Yet, it is serene. You feel at home.

C-Type Print by professional lab in Melbourne on archival photographic paper. Image Size : 100x75cm. Please advise if you wish to have a different size. Prices will vary. Border : 5cm border on all sides. Please advise if you wish to have wider borders. Prices may vary. Signed by artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from professional print in lab. Packed in tube. Import duties and taxes are responsibilities of the buyer.

This is the last edition, it will be first-come first-served basis. If unsure, please email me before payment.

For a limited time - Free delivery worldwide. 

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